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Tapai yo page ma hununcha kinaki tapai ko maya bata hami kei sahog ko aasha gareko chau. Staff and Administration Team.




This is:


Name: Saroj Sai Owner

Personal Email:

Address: Pokhara -3, Nepal

Phone Contact: 9779806795957


You are in this page because we expect some help from you to run this place " Nepal Chat " running for a very long time. This website is free for all to use and does not earn any benefits or profit. So, we expect some help from loyal chatters from you to keep this place alive and running.


Plus, you can receive moderator ship or Admin position in our chat rooms as an token of love.


Hall of Famers


 Chat ID of the Helper / Donator   Real Name  Amount contributed (Total)  Reason / Cause / Testimonials
 Necrid  Suraj Gurung  50 $ ( 2010 AD )  Purchase of IRC Shell.
 innocentgal  (Privacy)  100 $ (2013 AD)  Project Video Chat for
 Rock  (Privacy)  350 $ (2013-2015)  Domain, Hosting, IRCD renewals
 ian  i r calder  20 $ (2012 AD)  Redesign of
 hunters_moon ( chat operator )  Privacy  14 $ (2016 AD)  Renewal of domain, Big Thanks!
 depp ( Admin + Sponsor )  Privacy  200 $ + (2017 AD)  Domain renewal + Sponsorship
 Vuntey ( Admin )  Privacy  70 $ (2017 AD) Support / Help


Note: All the support / help or fund you provide us are for the chat room. We don't take make profit out of your help and support nor itself makes income through any source. We are non profitable organization. You help on your own for us and the amount invested are not refundable.


If you want to help us and be submitted in the list above. Please do the following:


Please donate through your credit card or PayPal.


"Tapai sanga paypal cha bhaney"


If you have PayPal account, you can directly donate us @ email [Not working at the moment]


Bank Transfer:


Account Name: Saroj Sai

Account Number: 1540524225539019

Swift Code: MBLNNPKA

Bank Name: Machhapuchchhre Bank

Branch: Mahendrapul Branch ( Chipledhunga (Newroad), Pokhara)


If you are donating or have donated, you can call us at +9779806795957 or email for inqueries.



Thank you and Keep in touch! Team