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 Ex-King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah relief aid to flood victims in Nepal
Former King of Nepal Gyanendra Shah in Dhangadhi district of Nepal to dispense relief aid to flood victims

The great revolution removed the monarcy system of Nepal few years ago But Ex-King of Nepal Gyanendra Shah has been doing as a common man as what he should be doing as a King. He is now seen providing relief aid to victims of flood in Dhangadi district of Nepal.

On Monday, Gynanedra Shah arrived in the spot with his wide, Ex-Queen of Nepal Komal Shah and seven other ex-royal members of his family. People who still support Monarchy and his well wishers were also there too welcome him. His daughter-in-law who Himani Shah who runs charitable organization by her name " Himani Trust " also arrived in the spot with her four official members of the trust.

Ex-King Shah has also decided to visit Darchula where some people have been reported to be displaced due to Flood. He will be there on Wednesday and again he will move to Kanchanpur district on Sunday. As far the report, the distribution amount is 3.9 million Rs cash which will be donated with food and cloths to the victims of landslide and flood.